Lesson 13Working with Images in the Content Editor

After you insert an image into a Post, there may be changes you want to make: alignment to the text, position on the page, and so on. This lesson looks at working with images after they're in the Content Editor, including some of the design considerations when laying out your content.

The Image Details Window

Much of your work with images in the Content Editor will involve changing settings, and you do that through the Image Details window.

When you click an image in the Content Editor in WordPress 4.0, two icons appear at the top left (Figure 13.1 A). As of WordPress 4.1 you'll see a bar with icons, as shown in Figure 13.1 B.


Figure 13.1

In WordPress 4.1 you have alignment icons, while in both versions, the X icon deletes the image (if you accidentally press this, just insert the image again) and the pencil icon leads to the Image Details pop-up, shown in full in Figure 13.2.


Figure 13.2

Much of this window accesses settings you worked with in the Media Uploader (you could add or change a caption here), but some are new. For example, you can access the image editor to perform cropping and other functions, which are covered in Lesson 14, “Using the WordPress Image Editor.”

Aligning Images

When I inserted an image into ...

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