Lesson 18Managing Posts and Pages

Up until now, you have been working with individual Posts and Pages, but what about managing them on a site-wide basis: finding materials, making large-scale changes, importing content, and so on? That's what this lesson is all about.

On the Island Travel site, for example, I might want to see which Posts are in the Jamaica Packages category, but scrolling through hundreds of items would be time-consuming. Or suppose I want to add a Tag for the name of an airline to every Post that mentions that airline. If dozens and dozens of Posts meet that criterion, to open each one, add the tag, and then update would be a painfully long process. But in this lesson, you learn how to perform tasks like these with a single action.

Finding Posts and Pages

If your site is new or relatively small, finding Posts isn't too much of a problem. But as you add more content, it can be a hassle to find items, especially 2 years later.

By default, WordPress displays listings of Posts and Pages in reverse chronological order—the newest items first—and it shows you 20 items at a time. Though you can increase the number of items displayed at one time using your Screen Options button at the top right, more efficient strategies exist for finding material than simply scanning long lists.

Finding Posts

The starting point for finding posts is the Posts image All Posts link on the ...

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