WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step

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Take your HTML and CSS skills to the next level, by mastering the world's most popular content management system for building websites!

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  • Confidently create different types of WordPress website
  • Gain a deep knowledge of WordPress such as custom headers, plugins, themes, and more
  • Convert HTML and CSS websites into WordPress themes

In Detail

This course is for anybody looking for a career building WordPress websites or themes, or even hobbyists looking to learn a new skill.

In this course, we will be using WordPress 4.8; however, the course is compatible with all the newer versions of WordPress.

We begin the course by getting you familiar with WordPress and looking at how to install it using a local host. We then look at WordPress essentials while you build your very own blog website.

Then we will move on customizing our blog. Also, optimize your WordPress website for search engines and create backups.

The second project takes your WordPress knowledge even further. We create a fully functional eCommerce T-Shirt store. More techniques are introduced throughout this project such as child themes, dealing with products, categories, shipping, and taxes, all while building a beautiful, customized website.

After that, we move things on even further by introducing you to WordPress theme development and converting an existing HTML and CSS website into a fully functional WordPress theme. This section involves coding in PHP; however, if you are new to PHP a dedicated PHP basics section will get you up to speed.

This project introduces new techniques, and you will gain a deeper knowledge of how WordPress themes are created. You will learn how WordPress templates are used and employ various WordPress functions to build your theme.

Finally, the last section focuses on useful techniques to enhance your WordPress knowledge. Here we will cover exporting localhost websites to a live server, various plugins, and more.

By the end of this course, you will have mastered all the WordPress skills that you would need for your own web design project.

Who this book is for

This course is ideal for novice students keen to begin their journey into web development and WordPress, or students who want to refresh their skills. It will also be useful for designers (or anybody from another industry) keen to get a grounding in how a website is built.

The course uses WordPress 4.8; however, the course is compatible with all the newer versions of WordPress.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction and Getting Started
    1. Welcome
    2. Why WordPress?
    3. How to get Your FREE Live Hosting
    4. OPTIONAL: Installing MAMP
    5. OPTIONAL: Installing WordPress 4.8 Locally
    6. WordPress.org or WordPress.com?
    7. WordPress Dashboard
    8. WordPress Files and Folders
  2. Chapter 2 : Let's Get Building: WordPress Blog
    1. Finding and installing Themes
    2. Import Sample Data
    3. Adding and Updating Posts
    4. Where to Find Great Photos for Your Blog Posts
    5. Including Media
    6. Users, Permissions and Managing Comments
    7. Adding Pages
    8. Adding Our Navigation Menu
  3. Chapter 3 : Customizing Our Site: WordPress Blog
    1. The customizer and site identity
    2. Adding the Header Image
    3. Adding a Logo and Background Image
    4. Plugins and Social Media Integration
    5. Home Page Setup and Widgets Part 1
    6. Home Page Setup and Widgets Part 2
    7. Creating the Footer
    8. Adding a Slider
    9. Creating the Contact Form
    10. Adding Press This
    11. Improving SEO
    12. Backing up your site
  4. Chapter 4 : WordPress eCommerce: T-Shirt Store
    1. Database Setup and WordPress Installation (If Using MAMP)
    2. Getting Started with WooCommerce
    3. Why Use Child Themes
    4. Child Theme Setup
    5. Product Categories, Tags, and Attributes
    6. Adding Products
    7. Home Page Layout and Slider
    8. Customizing the Look of Our Store
    9. Flexible Layouts Using Page Builder
    10. Rearranging Menus
    11. The Footer Area
    12. WooCommerce Settings
  5. Chapter 5 : PHP Basics/Refresher
    1. Hello World
    2. Strings, Variables and Constants
    3. Data Types and Operators
    4. PHP Arrays
    5. PHP Functions
    6. Conditional Statements and More Operators
    7. Switch Statements
    8. Loops
    9. The Codex
  6. Chapter 6 : Convert an Existing Website to WordPress
    1. Database Setup and WordPress Installation
    2. Underscores Starter Theme
    3. Understanding WordPress/PHP Templates
    4. Header and Footer Sections
    5. Adding the CSS and Images
    6. Converting the Front Page
    7. Converting Our Menu
    8. Setting Up the Blog Index Page
    9. Setting Up the Blog Posts
    10. Sidebar
    11. Single Post Page
    12. Converting the About Page
    13. Search Box and Finishing Touches
  7. Chapter 7 : WordPress Networking/Multisite Installation
    1. Multisite Introduction
    2. What is a WordPress Multisite?
    3. Activating a WordPress Network
    4. Adding Sites to the Network
    5. Users and the Super Admin
    6. Plugins and Themes
    7. Allowing Users to Add Websites to the Network: Part 1
    8. Allowing Users to Add Websites to the Network: Part 2
  8. Chapter 8 : Bonus Videos
    1. Uploading to a Live Server
    2. Easy Child Theme Plugins
    3. Removing Sample Data and Resetting Our Database
  9. Chapter 9 : Thank You
    1. Summary

Product information

  • Title: WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step
  • Author(s): Chris Dixon
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839210150