Chapter 1: An Introduction to Multiple Sites

In This Chapter

  • Discovering where multiple sites began
  • Exploring what you can do with multiple sites
  • Configuring your Web server

In this chapter, we introduce you to the multisite feature that's built into the WordPress software. The multisite feature allows you, the site owner, to add and maintain multiple blogs within one, single installation of WordPress. This feature was introduced in WordPress version 3.0. Prior to that, if you wanted to run multiple WordPress blogs with one installation of the software, you needed to use different software called WordPress MU (Multi User). In this chapter, you discover how the multisite feature works and why you might want to use it. You also explore how to configure and set up your Web server environment for use with the multisite feature.

With the network features enabled, users of your network can run their own sites within your installation of WordPress. They also have access to their own Dashboard with the options and features you read about in the previous minibooks. Heck, it's probably a good idea to buy a copy of this book for the members of your network so they can become familiar with the WordPress Dashboard and features, too. At least have a copy on hand so people can borrow yours!

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