Exploring the Merge from Multiuser to Network

Running multiple sites under one installation of WordPress was not always possible. From August 2005 until July 2010, there was a completely separate software package called WordPress MU. In July 2010, the codebase of WordPress MU and WordPress merged, meaning that the features of WordPress MU were included in the WordPress software, rendering the WordPress MU software package obsolete. The merger of codebases brought several advantages, including

  • One codebase: Having the multisite feature available in one piece of software completely eliminates user confusion on which version of WordPress they need to use. Now, you use the same software package regardless of whether you want to use the multisite feature. If you do, just a few minutes of configuration can make it happen.
  • Bug fixes: WordPress MU was not as popular as the original WordPress software; therefore, the MU project didn't attract as many developers to contribute code, fixes, and additional feature development. When the merge occurred in July 2010, the multisite feature gained the massive WordPress developer community, making bug fixes and new features a quicker and easier process.
  • Easier interface: If you worked with MU, you know what we mean here. The interface and Dashboard features for the multisite feature in WordPress is much easier to work with, mainly because it works in tandem with the other WordPress settings and features you're already familiar with.

In the past, ...

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