Exploring Premium Theme Options

Thousands of free WordPress themes are available, but you might also want to consider premium (for purchase) themes for your site. The cliché “you get what you pay for” is something often quoted when referring to free services or products, including WordPress and free themes.

Typically, when you download and use something free, there's no recourse for assistance with the product or service. Requests for help generally go unanswered. Therefore, your expectations should be lower because you aren't paying anything. When you pay for something, you usually assume that you have support or service for your purchase and the product is high (or acceptable) quality.

For instance, WordPress is available free. However, despite an active support forum, there's no guarantee or promise of getting support while using the software. Moreover, you have no right to demand service.

Here are some things to consider when contemplating a premium theme. Additionally, we selected the commercial companies listed later in this chapter based on these criteria:

  • Selection: Many theme developers offer a rich and diverse theme selection, including themes designed for specific niche industries, topics, or uses (such as video, blogging, real estate, or magazine themes, for example). Generally, you can find a good solid theme to use for your site from one source.
  • Innovation: To differentiate them from their free counterparts, premium themes include innovative features, such as theme ...

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