Chapter 1: Examining the Default Theme: Twenty Twelve

In This Chapter

arrow.png Discovering Twenty Twelve’s layout features

arrow.png Tweaking your header and background colors

arrow.png Installing custom navigation menus

arrow.png Exploring widgets on your website

Bundled with the release of WordPress 3.5 in December 2012 is the new default theme, Twenty Twelve. The goal of the core development team for WordPress is to release a new default theme every year, which is why, with every new installation of WordPress, you find themes called Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, and Twenty Twelve (named to correspond with the year it was created).

With the release of WordPress version 3.5 in 2012, the resulting community effort was Twenty Twelve, a powerful theme with drop-down menu navigation, header and background image uploaders, multiple-page templates, widget-ready areas, parent-child theme support, and built-in mobile and tablet support. These features make Twenty Twelve an excellent base for many of your theme customization projects. This chapter shows you how to manage all the features of the default Twenty Twelve theme, such ...

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