Chapter 4: Management of Users and Access Control

In This Chapter

arrow.png Understanding default user management

arrow.png Changing default user behavior

arrow.png Exploring user access to site features

In Chapter 3 of this minibook, I discuss the Network Admin menu you have access to on your Dashboard to manage aspects of your network. In this chapter, I explain how to manage users across the network, including how you can change some of the default management options to suit your needs.

One of the hardest things for new network admins to understand is that although each site is managed separately, users are global. That is, after a user logs in, he is logged in across the entire network and has the ability to comment on any site that has commenting enabled. (See Book III, Chapter 2.) The user can visit the Dashboard of the main site in the install to manage his profile information and access the Dashboard’s My Sites menu to reach sites that he administers. The user also registers at the main site — not at individual sites in the network.

Setting Default User Permissions

When you enable the multisite feature, new site and new user registrations are turned off by default. However, you can add new sites and ...

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