Chapter 1

Exploring Basic WordPress Concepts


Check Discovering content publishing

Check Publishing and archiving content

Check Interacting through comments

Check Syndicating through RSS

Check Using WordPress as a content management tool to create different types of sites

Blogging gives regular, nontechnical Internet users the ability to publish content on the World Wide Web quickly and easily. Consequently, blogging became extremely popular very quickly, to the point that it’s now considered to be mainstream. In some circles, blogging is even considered to be passé, as it has given way to publishing all types of content freely and easily with WordPress. Regular Internet users are blogging, and Fortune 500 businesses, news organizations, and educational institutions are using WordPress to publish content on the web. Today, 30 percent of all sites on the web have WordPress behind them.

Although you can choose among several software platforms for publishing web content, for many content publishers, ...

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