Chapter 1

Exposing Your Content


Check Making your content easy for readers to share

Check Figuring out when to interact with readers

Check Using Twitter through WordPress

Check Connecting Facebook to your WordPress website

After you launch your website, getting your content in front of an interested audience is one of the most important strategic decisions you make, and this chapter focuses on how to get your content in front of potential new readers. The idea that people will eventually find any content you write is a pretty big falsehood. You may have the best rock band in the world, but if you don’t leave your garage and get your music in front of potential fans, you can’t ever sell out arenas.

By creating good content, making it easily shareable, and then participating within groups of interested people, you can establish expertise and build a community around your content. A community is much more powerful than a bunch of silent visitors; people in a community often become advocates and cheerleaders for your site.

You want to gain readers, not random visitors. There’s a big difference ...

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