Chapter 2

Setting Up and Configuring Network Features


Check Enabling the network

Check Configuring the network installation

Check Disabling the network

This chapter covers how to find the files you need to edit the network, how to enable multiple sites in the network, and how to remove the network should you no longer want to have multiple sites in your WordPress install.

By default, access to network settings is disabled to ensure that users don’t set up their network without researching all that the setup entails. Setting up a network involves more than configuring options or turning on a feature, so before enabling and setting up a network, be sure that you read Book 8, Chapter 1.

Here’s what you need:

  • Backups of your site (explained in Book 2, Chapter 7)
  • Access to the wp-config.php file for editing (Book 2, Chapter 5)
  • Enabled wildcard subdomains (covered in Book 8, Chapter 1) if you're using subdomains

Enabling the Network Feature

You need to enable access to the Network menu so you can set up the network and allow the creation of multiple sites.

Warning It’s a good idea to download ...

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