Chapter 3

Installing WordPress on Your Web Server


Bullet Discovering preinstallations by your host

Bullet Manually installing WordPress

Bullet Running installation scripts

This chapter takes you through two installation methods for WordPress: automatic installation with an installer provided by a managed web hosting service, which is available from your web hosting provider, and manual installation.

I also show you how to set up a MySQL database by using the cPanel web hosting management interface. By the time you’re done reading this chapter, you’ll be logged in to and looking at your brand-spanking-new WordPress Dashboard, ready to start publishing content right away. (If you already have WordPress installed, go ahead and skip to Book 2, Chapter 4, which contains great information about configuring WordPress for optimum performance and security.)

Remember Before you can install WordPress, you need to complete the following tasks:

  • Purchase the domain-name registration for your account (Book 2, Chapter 1).
  • Obtain a hosting service on a web server for your website (Book 2, Chapter 1).
  • Establish ...

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