Chapter 3

Managing Users and Multiple Authors


Bullet Deciding what roles to assign users

Bullet Allowing new users to register

Bullet Adding a new user

Bullet Making changes to user profiles

Bullet Using tools to manage multiauthor sites

A multiauthor site involves inviting others to coauthor, or contribute posts, pages, or other content to your site. You can expand the offerings on your website by using multiauthor publishing because you can have several people writing on different topics or offering different perspectives on the same topic. Many people use this type of site to create a collaborative writing space on the web, and WordPress doesn’t limit the number of authors you can add to your site.

Additionally, you can invite other people to register as subscribers, who don’t contribute content but are registered members of the site, which can have benefits, too. (You could make some content available to registered users only, for example.)

This chapter takes you through the process of adding users ...

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