Chapter 1

Introducing WordPress Plugins


Bullet Extending WordPress with plugins

Bullet Comparing plugins to themes

Bullet Finding plugins both on and outside of the WordPress website

Bullet Evaluating the trustworthiness of plugins

Bullet Comparing free versus commercial plugins

Half the fun of running a WordPress-powered website is playing with the hundreds of plugins that you can install to extend your site’s functionality and options. WordPress plugins are like those really cool custom rims you put on your car: Although they don’t come with the car, they’re awesome accessories that make your car better than all the rest.

Plugins can be very simple, such as a plugin that changes the appearance of the Dashboard menu. Or they can be very complex, accomplishing hefty tasks such as providing a complete e-commerce solution with product listings, a shopping cart, and payment processing.

In this chapter, you find out what plugins are, how to find and install them, and how they enhance your site to make ...

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