Chapter 21. WordPress as a Content Management System


  • Using WordPress as a content management system

  • Understanding Enterprise WordPress needs

  • Conveying a consistent message and brand

  • Understanding when a blog is not a blog

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software used to manage a Web site from a single administrative interface. The most well-known content management systems are Drupal (, Joomla (, and ExpressionEngine (

WordPress has had trappings of a CMS for years now. Since WordPress 1.5, pages — the main aspect of a CMS — have been available to WordPress users wishing to use the software to power largely static sites.

In fact, between pages, custom fields, and the media library, WordPress has everything that is needed to take a corporate site or a non-profit organization's Web site from a smattering of hand-coded static HTML (hypertext markup language) pages into a centrally managed, consistently themed site that can operate seamlessly and with little maintenance required.

Using WordPress as a Content Management System

WordPress does a great job of providing the basics of a CMS out of the box. It is entirely possible to run a corporate, church, school, or any other kind of Web site using WordPress "pages" alone. Whether you include a blog ("posts") as well is completely optional.

The core of WordPress is the page system. Pages in WordPress behave similarly to posts, except pages do not have any ...

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