Appendix G. WordPress in Major Media


  • Newsroom challenges for WordPress

  • Roadmapping WordPress in major media

WordPress has enjoyed wide-scale adoption in every industry. Even the media industry, which has reluctantly embraced new media as an alternate format to the traditional ones, has begun to use WordPress in a large-scale fashion.

In fact, major media sources embracing WordPress has been very instrumental in pushing not only blogging as a medium forward, but also WordPress as a platform.

Newsroom Challenges for WordPress

By and large, the major media industry has been less than enthusiastic about blogging. However, in recent years, most major media organizations have jumped into the blogging pool, though the philosophical question every newsroom must address remains, "How important is blogging to what we do as a new organization?"

More and more newsrooms are considering blogging complementary to reporting the news. News organizations such as the New York Times and CNN have not only embraced blogging but have also begun to make it a primary point of contact with their audience, rather than an afterthought.

Media organizations such as the Wall Street Journal have embraced blogging ( but have retained a proverbial firewall between what they do from a news business and what they do from a blogging perspective. And the Wall Street Journal owns one of the most elite technology blogs in existence: All Things Digital (, which is anchored ...

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