Appendix A. Migrating Your Existing Blog to WordPress

In This Appendix

  • Preparing your current blog for migration

  • Converting your template for use in WordPress

  • Importing from different blog platforms

  • Discovering other import resources

So you have a blog on a different blogging system and want to move your blog to WordPress? This appendix helps you accomplish just that. WordPress makes it relatively easy to pack up your data and archives from one blog platform and move to a new WordPress blog.

WordPress lets you move your blog from platforms such as Blogspot, TypePad, and Movable Type. It also gives you a nifty way to migrate from any blogging platform via RSS feeds. In this appendix, you discover how to prepare your blog for migration and how to move from the specific platforms for which WordPress provides migration scripts.

Movin' On Up

Bloggers have a variety of reasons to migrate away from one system to WordPress:

  • Simple curiosity: There is a lot of buzz around the use of WordPress and the whole community of WordPress users. People are naturally curious to check out something that all the cool kids are doing.

  • More control of your blog: This reason applies particularly to those who have a blog on Blogspot, TypePad, or any other hosted service. Hosted programs limit what you can do, create, and mess with. When it comes to plugins, add-ons, and theme creation, hosting a WordPress blog on your own Web server wins hands down. In addition, you have complete control of your data, archives, and ...

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