Chapter 2. WordPress Blogging Basics

In This Chapter

  • Considering blog types

  • Finding out what blog technology can do for you

  • Outlining your initial blog plan

A lot happens behind the scenes to make your WordPress blog or Web site function. The beauty of it is this: You don't have to worry about what's happening on the back end in order to manage and maintain a WordPress site — unless you really want to. In this chapter, I delve a little bit into the technology behind the WordPress platform, including a brief look at PHP and MySQL, two software components required to run WordPress.

This chapter also covers some of the various blogging technologies that help you on your way to running a successful blog, such as the use of comments and RSS feed technology, as well as information about combating spam.

This Crazy Little Thing Called Blog

Blogging is an evolutionary process, and I have a strong feeling that blogs have evolved beyond personal journals to become tools for real journalism, business, and authorship.

A blog is a fabulous tool to use to publish your personal diary of thoughts and ideas; however, blogs also serve as excellent tools for business, editorial journalism, news, and entertainment. Here are some ways that people use blogs:

  • Personal: This type of blogger creates a blog as a personal journal or diary. You're considered to be a personal blogger if you use your blog mainly to discuss topics that are personal to you or your life — your family, your cats, your children, or your interests ...

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