Chapter 11

Finding and Installing WordPress Themes

In This Chapter

arrow Distinguishing between safe and unsafe WordPress themes

arrow Finding free WordPress themes

arrow Downloading, installing, and activating themes

arrow Browsing and installing themes from your Dashboard

In previous chapters, I cover how to use the WordPress platform to publish your posts and pages. In those chapters, you discover how to categorize your posts, build your link lists, and set the publishing and profile options in the WordPress Dashboard. In this chapter, I focus on the visual look and format of your blog — in other words, how other people see your blog after you start publishing your content.

In Chapter 10, I introduce WordPress plugins and discuss some of the thousands of free plugins you can use to add functionality to your blog. Similarly, thousands of free themes are available for you to download and use. This chapter shows you where to find them and takes you through the processes of downloading, installing, and using them.

As a bonus to you, in this chapter, you find out how to access and download five free WordPress ...

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