Upgrading, Backing Up, and Migrating

In This Chapter

arrow Finding the Dashboard upgrade notification

arrow Backing up your database before upgrading

arrow Upgrading WordPress automatically and manually

arrow Moving to WordPress from a different platform

arrow Transferring your website from one host to another

You may, at some point, need to move your site to a different home on the web, either to a new web host or into a different account on your current hosting account. You may also be reading this book because you’re moving your blog from a completely different platform to WordPress. You will also find that during your time as a WordPress user, upgrading the WordPress software is important, as is maintaining backups of your site so that you don’t lose precious months or years of content.

In this appendix, you discover the WordPress upgrade notification system and what to do when WordPress notifies you that a new version of the software is available. This appendix also covers the best practices in ...

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