Chapter 12: Releasing Your Code to the Public

WordPress is more than just the core installation. For millions of users, the only way they can build a site that meets their needs or the needs of their clients is by using third-party themes and plugins, either from the WordPress repository or via commercial vendors.

In this chapter you'll learn about the process for releasing your themes and plugins so that other users and developers can make use of them. Releasing your code for free via is a great way to hone your WordPress skills, get feedback on your code, and give something back to the WordPress community. If your code is good enough and meets a market need, you might even decide to sell premium themes or plugins.

Sharing Your Code

Sharing your themes or plugins with other WordPress users may seem daunting at first but it has many benefits:

• It supports the WordPress community—like all WordPress users, you get the platform (and other developers' code) for free and it's good to give something back.

• It gives you an opportunity to get feedback on your code. WordPress developers are a supportive bunch and tend to be constructive when pointing out flaws in themes and plugins released via

• It gives you access to other developers who can help you improve your code—either directly or indirectly.

• It enhances your standing in the WordPress community and possibly with clients.

• It can make money (although this isn't easy to do).

However, sharing ...

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