Nourish Network

Nourish Network (; see Figure 18-1) is a Web site that runs on the WordPress platform with the BuddyPress plugin fully integrated so that it can host and run a fully featured social community. (See Chapter 16 for more on the BuddyPress plugin.) Nourish Network is a community of foodies. The community members are very serious about their food, recipes, and anything related to cooking.


Figure 18-1: The Nourish Network site.

Nourish Network utilizes all the available components that the BuddyPress plugin offers, such as

check.png Member profiles: Community members have their own profile pages and can upload their own photos and include information that serves as their personal biography.

check.png Private messaging: Members can send private messages, or e-mails, to other community members that are protected from everyone’s eyes, except the sender and receiver.

check.png Groups: Nourish Network hosts eight main groups (communities within the site based on topics and interests) that members can join and participate in.

Group forums: Within each group is a discussion forum where ...

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