Chapter 8

Planning Your Design Strategy

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing a width for your website

arrow Deciding on the number of columns in the layout

arrow Determining your menu navigation

arrow Choosing how to display your content

arrow Creating a sandbox environment for testing

With every new web design project you begin, you need to answer several preliminary questions before you can proceed with starting the design and development processes of the website. If you’re working on a design project for a client, communicate with her to make sure you understand the requirements before you proceed — same thing if you’re working on a project of your own. You have to evaluate the overall project in terms of content, type, and purpose to determine what your design strategy will be. Without a plan in place from day one, you’re likely to struggle through the entire design process, so developing a solid plan first is a good practice for every project you approach, no matter how big or small.

In this chapter, I discuss ...

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