Chapter 9

Finding and Installing a WordPress Theme

In This Chapter

arrow Finding, previewing, downloading, and installing themes

arrow Deciding whether to use premium themes

WordPress themes are simply a group of files, called templates, bundled together that, when activated in WordPress, determine the look and basic function of your site. WordPress comes packaged with one very useful default theme — Twenty Fifteen (named after the year it was released for WordPress). Most first-time WordPress users usually don’t waste any time finding a theme that they like better than Twenty Fifteen. Although you’re not limited to the default theme, it’s very functional for a basic site. (See Chapter 10 for more on the Twenty Fifteen theme.)

This chapter discusses other WordPress themes that you can download and use as a foundation for your overall design work. Not all WordPress themes are created equal, and it’s important for you to know the differences between free and premium themes:

  • Free: These themes are free, period. You can download and use them on your website at absolutely no cost. As a courtesy, you can include a link to the designer in your footer — but you can even remove that link if you want to.
  • Premium: These themes cost money. You usually find premium themes available for download only ...

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