Chapter 1I’m Strong

Ingrid Lindberg

Customer Experience Officer Chief Customer

Building the Framework of Steel

I was a little girl who loved to wear tutus and play in the mud with my army figurines. Growing up on military bases around the world, I was encouraged to be strong. All of my authority figures were strong. From my dad, who was in charge, to the Military Police who surrounded us every day, to my mother who packed up our lives every 18 to 36 months and moved us across the world. They were mentally and physically strong.

In addition to that military influence, my father was an attorney and my mother was a teacher; coupled with an outstanding vocabulary, I learned to joust effortlessly at the dinner table. Having strong opinions that you could back up with facts was a requirement. I was encouraged to participate in the discussions with the adults; a children’s table did not exist.

My mother’s favorite story to tell about me is when she picked me up from on my first day at Montessori school. Apparently, the directress (Montessori’s version of a principal) approached her at pickup time. My mother’s recollection of the conversation is as follows:

Directress: “Are you Ingrid’s mom?”

Mom: “I am.”

Directress: “Well, apparently, I don’t need to be here any longer, as your daughter is definitely in charge.”

Mom: “Why? What did she do?”

Directress: “Because she’s telling everyone what to do and everyone is listening to her.”

I was 18 months old.

They ...

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