Chapter 3Building Your Personal Brand

Kimberly George

Senior Vice President, Health Care Adviser Sedgwick

On a four-hour flight, what began as small talk with the gentleman seated next to me became a life memory, an aha moment, and a point in time not to be forgotten. The conversation started as many in-flight chats do, with a brief exchange about the departure and arrival cities, and then moved on to the inevitable question, “What do you do?”

My seatmate was an international executive with expertise in sales, building teams, and leadership. The descriptions he shared of his job and career were noticeably connected to his love of family, passion for photography, vision for new ventures, and desire to travel. His confidence and demeanor were both impressive and engaging. I proudly shared my role at Sedgwick and our work to transform traditional managed care products into products with emphasis on care management and quality health care embedded in the claims process. I focused on recognition of Sedgwick’s leaders, our position and growth in the market, my peers and their accomplishments, and our suite of products. I raved about our company culture, the leadership of our CEO, technology tools, level of client engagement, sales strategy, and approach to business. And, in explaining what I do, I proudly shared that I was a single mother, raising my two daughters since before they were school age, and that I returned to my small hometown to see family as often as possible.

We spent ...

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