Chapter 11What If . . .

Linda Lane

President Harbor Health Systems

Overcoming that little voice in your head, leaning into vulnerability and harnessing the power of courage and worthiness.

“What if?” Two simple words, just six mere letters, yet some of history’s most compelling achievements were launched by them. It is a deceptively simple question that quickly can grow into a juggernaut of an idea like “what if we could harness fire?” Or “what if we could fly?” I recently came upon these words and they resonated deeply inside me, right in the center of my chest. The first, a concept of facing something unknown, dangerous, frightening. Something that through trial and resolve was ultimately conquered and controlled by man. The other, a seemingly fantastical concept that captured the curiosity of man throughout the ages; men who tried and failed time and again to put action to their dream of flight, yet whose perseverance achieved greatness. And it was the power of two little words, what if, that set the tone of this message and touched me in a way that gave me explicit permission to be curious beyond what seems imaginable and set aside those two little bearers of frozen dreams: fear and doubt. Being curious can be a nerve-wracking experience for one simple reason. To be curious you have to be brave, and to be truly brave, you have to be vulnerable, and to be vulnerable, you have to allow yourself to be truly seen and to believe that you are enough. You have to be open to hurt, ...

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