Principle #6Let Your People Live to Work, not Work to LiveA Job is More Than the Time Between Vacations

A cartoon image depicting an employee taking rest near his workstation, and a lady near to his workstation saying “Of course we support work-life balance. But can you rethink the speedo?”

Two Generations: Changing Attitudes Towards Work

I started with a member of Generation X. He now has grown children, so he has been in the workforce since before the days of office casual and calling your boss Frank instead of Mr. Melancholy.

The Older Generation Speaks

You have no doubt heard of life hacks, like shortcuts for your cell phone, the fastest way to fold a t-shirt, or ingenious ways to use ice cube trays. Ken, a 50-year-old man who works at a credit card processor company for financial institutions, is a genius at work hacks. He finds ways to fit good times into his job without getting fired.

“My company was doing a reduction in force (RIF), so my boss told me to take my scheduled vacation to ...

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