Testing and Quality Assurance for Workforce Management Systems1

IN THIS CHAPTER, TESTING AND quality assurance are discussed as an important component of the workforce management (WFM) implementation project. These activities are crucial checks on the system to avoid problems at a later date. This chapter describes the different types of testing that work best for the type of system that is being implemented. Considerations for determining testing strategies and preparation, such as the appropriate data sets and functions, are described. The systems development life cycle is revisited in an outlined quality assurance process that can be scaled to meet a specific organization's needs. Planning for effective testing begins in the analysis phase and continues through development and implementation. Testing and quality assurance for WFM systems are processes that can help the Workforce Asset Management Professional (WAM-Pro) organize and prepare for a project.

Learning Objectives
By the end of Chapter 22, you should be able to:
  • Understand the differences between internally developed and commercial WFM systems.
  • Strategize for the appropriate testing and quality assurance process for WFM systems.
  • Organize and prepare the testing processes for a WFM system.
  • Identify the processes and types of testing before the WFM is released to operations.
  • Create the appropriate data sets and functions for testing.
  • Complete the testing approvals that address the acceptable criteria ...

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