Chapter 1

Setting Up Your Workspace


check Finding the perfect place for your home office

check Equipping your home office

check Imposing order on the chaos of working from home

check Personalizing your workspace

Working from home brings both benefits and challenges. Initially, it may seem like the ability to work from home is the most important option for any job you’re considering. Given that you can save hours of time not commuting, walk your dog whenever you want, and stay in sweatpants all day if you feel like it, working from home can feel like a dream come true.

However, many professionals quickly find that working from home is frustrating, distracting, and uncomfortable if they don’t have a designated workspace and proper setup that allows them to be productive, available, and efficient in their home environment.

The bottom line is that productive work can happen in a variety of home workspaces. You don’t need to build an addition to your house for the perfect executive-level home office suite. Instead, some tried-and-true best practices can yield a functional and comfortable workspace. ...

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