Chapter 8

Getting to Know Zoom’s Suite of Communication Tools


check Reviewing Zoom’s different services

check Listing the benefits and features of Zoom’s offerings

check Understanding the different plans and costs involved in each

Zoom’s tools let small and even enormous groups of people improve how they communicate. What’s more, Zoom’s offerings are flexible, powerful, affordable, and intuitive.

Of course, in order for you and your colleagues to reap the benefits of using Zoom’s services, you must first understand them. Purchasing the wrong product altogether — or the right one but the wrong plan — will frustrate you and cost you time and money.

This chapter provides a high-level overview of each Zoom subscription. It covers the features, costs, and limitations of each core Zoom service.

Zoom’s Core Services

Many people new to Zoom think of it exclusively as a communications or videoconferencing app. That belief is understandable, because Zoom has exploded in popularity. At the same time, though, it is not at all accurate.

As of this writing, Zoom’s suite of videoconferencing tools consists of four core products and services. Two of them will run on just about any contemporary ...

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