258 Working with IBM Records Manager
13.1 Overview of auditing
Auditing in IBM Records Manager is simply the recording of events that are
related to records and components in the file plan.
Components can be any part
of the definitions in a IBM Records Manager system, including the file plan, its
components, users, and records that are declared in IBM Records Manager.
When auditing is complete, you can purge the logged events and remove them
from the audit tables.
Figure 13-1 shows the items that can be audited. To access this window, select
Tools Audit Configuration. Noticed that any component or system type
definition can be audited.
Figure 13-1 IBM Records Manager Audit Configuration window
Chapter 13. Auditing and monitoring 259
Clicking Audit Configuration Summary shows that auditing is not currently
enabled for this system. See Figure 13-2.
Figure 13-2 Audit summary before enabling

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