Time Off

Getting, and Getting the Most from, Breaks in Your Work Routine

Are you getting enough time off? Not half-on/half-off, eyes-on-your-smartphone, doing-the-laundry, supervising-homework kind of off—but really-enjoying-it, relaxed-and-renewed, investing-in-yourself-and-the-family off? Off off?

If your answer is no, or if the question prompted any mental protest or self-distancing (Of course I don’t have enough time off. I can’t expect much—I’m a working parent. I’ll relax when the kids are grown and the mortgage paid. I can’t afford to lean back now ), that’s not good. Insufficient time off can lead to exhaustion, dissatisfaction, and burnout, which only make the tough task of workparenting even harder.

If you do find yourself ...

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