Workspace for a Mobile Workforce

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Today’s workforce is decentralized and highly mobile. Employees are always connected, constantly multi-tasking, and blending their work and personal lives. But as the way of working changes, organizations must consider a host of new questions and issues about workspaces. How do you design an office that unleashes the power of your highly mobile workforce? What are the implications for the new workspace for ensuring security and flexibility for people who are connected 24/7 and need and want to work from anywhere at any time? How do organizations create workspaces that engage employees, promote collaboration, and also protect everyone’s privacy? In this interactive, live Harvard Business Review video webinar, workplace expert Christine Congdon, Director of Research Communications at Steelcase, discusses the key trends transforming the world of work. She describes how employers who want to attract and engage top talent can create new workspace environments that can maximize performance.

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  • Title: Workspace for a Mobile Workforce
  • Author(s): Christine Congdon
  • Release date: October 2014
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review
  • ISBN: None