Chapter 12

Canada: A Breadbasket's Great Comeback

Once flyover country, Saskatchewan is a focal point in Canada's growing economy. So I couldn't resist dropping in on this resource-rich province. It has become an agricultural power.

Many things come from this one province of Canada that many Americans would have a hard time finding on a map. (Brad Farquhar, who we will hear from shortly, relates the following story: “Once on a flight from Memphis to New Orleans, I sat next to southern woman who asked me where I was from. I told her Saskatchewan. When I told her it was north of Montana and North Dakota, she said to me, [with southern drawl] “Son, there ain't nothin” north of North Dakota!”) Yet, Saskatchewan makes up a large percentage of the world's exports in a number of goods:

img 67 percent of the world's lentils

img 56 percent of the world's peas

img 25 percent of the world's mustard

img 40 percent of the world's flaxseed

img 18 percent of the world's canola

33 percent of the world's durum

As far ...

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