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World Wide Data

Book Description

The world is currently in the midst of a data revolution. Consumers now inhabit a digital world and companies have no option but to follow them there. Governments are reviewing the rules of usage for consumer data in marketing and advertising in order to take advantage of the huge economic opportunity that the data driven economy represents. Companies, recognizing the opportunity, are hurrying to adapt by digitalizing their processes. They are putting pressure on their managers and working teams to learn how to make best use of the technology capabilities and their data resources. What is more, premier national companies have to compete in a global business field where their Silicon Valley-breed competitors have a substantial advantage in terms of digitalization and data usage. Written in plain English with illustrative examples and cases, this book is for the general manager who seeks a better grasp of this fast-changing business world and a better understanding of what will be required from he/she, not just now but in five years’ time.