In this chapter:
In this chapter:
Crafting Your Marketing
he universe of marketing can sometimes
resemble what William James called a
world of “blooming, buzzing confusion.”
For both offline and online, you have a wide vari-
ety of advertising, promotion, publicity, media
relations, and public relations marketing vehicles
to use. In the offline world, you have magazines,
newspapers, brochures, catalogs, television and
radio ads, promotional fliers, telemarketing, direct
mail, billboards, and press releases. In the online
world you have a choice of search engine submit-
tals; purchasing top placement in the search
engines; key word purchases; promotional emails;
text, HTML, and rich media newsletters, and much,
much more.
But this almost infinite variety of tools can all work
together in concert under four basic marketing
platforms to achieve a company’s business goals
and objectives. I call these four marketing plat-
forms P.A.R.M.: The first is positioning, which rests
on the second of acquiring, which rests on retaining,
which rests on monetizing. In addition, these plat-
forms rest on others beneath them—the wide vari-
ety of the actual marketing tactics available for
your marketing plan. In this chapter, you learn
how to reflect an understanding and savvy use of
each of these marketing platforms within the
Marketing Strategy section of your business plan.
Create a marketing
Plan for customer
Decide how to retain
Show your monetization
Make a public relations
Describe a sales strategy

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