Chapter 16

Ten Signs It’s Time to Incorporate AI into Your Work


Bullet Beating writer’s block

Bullet Making faster decisions

Bullet Minimizing distractions

AI tools are relatively new to the workplace. You may be reluctant to use something that’s not thoroughly tested and proven. Some companies are jumping on the bandwagon, and some are wary. Where do you stand?

Do you think incorporating AI tools may improve your workflow? Or are you unsure that taking the time to learn how to use them will be beneficial? Here are ten signs that indicate it’s time to consider incorporating AI tools into your work. See how many apply to you.

You Spend Too Much Time on Repetitive Tasks

Are you constantly required to do mind-numbing things like formatting documents, scheduling meetings, or filling out forms? These activities are necessary but take up time that would be better spent on things like customer engagement or problem-solving. The good news is that AI can help you automate these tasks.

AI-powered software can easily handle text formatting (without human intervention), saving hours of time. In addition, AI-driven calendar apps can schedule meetings based on the participants’ availability. It ...

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