Children of the Document Object

Now that we’ve examined the properties and methods of the Document object itself, we can begin to look at the children of the Document object.

The Bookmark Object

As you may know, a Word bookmark is a name for a specific range of text within a document or for just a single location (which can be thought of as a range with the same beginning and ending position). Each Word bookmark is represented by a Bookmark object.

Bookmark objects are kept in the Bookmarks collection. Actually, the Bookmarks collection is a child not only of the Document object, but also of the Range and Selection objects. Each of these objects has a Bookmarks property that returns the corresponding Bookmarks collection.

Thus, for instance:

	MsgBox ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count

displays the number of bookmarks in the active document, whereas:

	MsgBox Selection.Bookmarks.Count

displays the number of bookmarks in the current selection (of the active window).

Creating a bookmark

To create a bookmark, use the Add method of the Bookmarks collection. The syntax is:

BookmarksObject.Add(Name, Range)

where BookmarksObject refers to a Bookmarks collection object and Name is the name of the bookmark (which must be a single word). The optional parameter Range specifies the range object that the bookmark represents. If Range is missing, the bookmark represents the current insertion point only. (The insertion point is the location of the blinking cursor.)

For example, the following code creates a bookmark ...

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