More about the mwm Window Manager

In Chapter 3, we explained the procedures for raising, moving, and iconifying windows using the pointer on the mwm window frame. mwm allows you to perform many other window management functions, which are described in this chapter. You can:

  • Create additional xterm windows.
  • Change the size of windows.
  • Lower windows (move them to the back of others).
  • Refresh your screen.
  • Remove windows.

The Motif window manager allows you to invoke window management functions in a variety of ways:

  • Using the window “frame” and various features available on it: the Minimize (iconify) button, Maximize button, title area, Window Menu, etc.
  • Using the Root Menu.
  • Using keyboard keys, pointer buttons, and key and button combinations.

In this chapter, we'll review some basics about focusing input to a window or icon and consider how window management functions rely on focus being directed properly. ...

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