xclock Analog/Digital Clock


xclock – continuously display the time in either analog or digital form.


xclock [options]


xclock continuously displays the time of day, either in digital or analog form. In digital form, xclock displays the time using a 24-hour clock. It also displays the day, month, and year. In analog form, xclock displays a standard 12-hour clock face. You can set up more than one clock simultaneously.

The default clock is an analog clock with a black foreground on a white background. If you want to change the clock's appearance, type in the appropriate options. For example,

xclock -bd slateblue -fg navyblue -hl darkslategrey &

sets up a conventional 12-hour clock with a slate blue window border, navy blue tick marks, and dark slate grey hands.

By default, the clock is positioned in the upper-left corner of your background window. If you are running the default version of mwm, the window manager will place the clock in the upper-left quadrant of the screen, offset from the corner.


xclock accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options, which are listed on the X reference page. (We've included some of the more commonly used Toolkit options later in this section.) In addition, xclock accepts the following application-specific options:


Displays a brief summary of xclock's calling syntax and options.


Draws a conventional 12-hour clock face with tick marks for each minute and stroke marks for each hour. This is ...

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