Building the X Window System

By necessity, you can't do anything with X until it is installed on your system. This chapter tells you how to build and install X.

In This Chapter:

Installation Issues

Should You Use MIT Source?

Types of Vendor-supplied X Distributions

X from Your OS Vendor

X from a Third Party

X Source Code from MIT

Complete or Client-only Distribution?

Installing Multiple X Releases

Source Preparation

Do You Have Enough Disk Space?

Is Your Platform Supported?

Applying OS Patches

Applying X Patches

Creating a Link Tree (Optional)

Simplest Case Build

Host Problems

Disk Space

Changing the tmp Directory Using TMPDIR (Ultrix and HP-UX)

Changing the tmp Directory Using -temp (SunOS)

Shared Library Installation (SunOS)

NFS Installation

NFS Installation Without Root Access

Installation Over the Network (rdist)

Installing the termcap or terminfo Definition for xterm

Simple Configuration

Configuration Parameters


The ProjectRoot Flag

The Platform Configuration File (platform.cf)

Configuration Example 1

Configuration Example 2

Configuration Example 3

Configuration Example 4

Configuration Example 5

Other Build Flags

xterm Build Flags

Building Programs After X Is Installed


Include Files


More About imake

The make Program

The C Preprocessor

Imake Syntax

Comments in imake

Multi-line Macros (@@)

Concatenating Macros

Dealing with Tabs

imake Configuration Files

A Quick Tour of Files Used by imake

Using imake to Build X11

Porting Hints

Undefined Symbols or ...

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