Useful Things to Know

As we wrote this book, we found that there were a lot of odds-and-ends that didn't fit into any chapters but were too important to leave out. This appendix was devised as a “catch-all” for miscellaneous information.

A.1 The comp.windows.x Newsgroup

comp.windows.x is a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the X Window System. You can use it reach thousands of X programmers and users. You would normally use a newsreader such as rn, vn, xrn, or readnews to read the group. If you do not have Usenet access at your site, you can still reach the newsgroup through e-mail. To request that you be added to the list, send a polite message to xpert-request@expo.lcs.mit.edu. To send mail to the entire list, use xpert@expo.lcs.mit.edu.

In addition to comp.windows.x, there are also newsgroups for comp.windows.x.motif, ...

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