The Components of X Products

This appendix lists the contents of various X distributions.

In This Appendix:

MIT X11 Release 5


Sun OpenWindows



Silicon Graphics

A Guide to X11 Libraries


The Components of X Products

This appendix provides an overview of some of the X products that are currently available. We summarize various vendors' implementations, and discuss features that may help you to identify them. The following implementations are covered:

  • MIT Release 5
  • OSF/Motif GUI
  • Sun OpenWindows
  • DECWindows
  • AIXWindows
  • Silicon Graphics

We also include a listing of some of the libraries that you may need in compiling software.

Some of these implementations may overlap and may contain components of several other systems. For example, the Motif Toolkit is included in most current vendor-supplied installations. Several vendors also offer applications that can switch back and forth between OSF/Motif and OPEN LOOK “modes.”

With a complete distribution, X software is installed in the following directories.

Table E-1. X Distribution Directories

File Description
/usr/bin/X11/ X executables, including clients, demos, and the X server.
/usr/lib/X11/ Server-specific software, including fonts, color data-bases, and configuration files.
/usr/lib/ X programming libraries.
/usr/include/X11/ X header files and bitmaps.
/usr/man/ X manpages.
$HOME/ User-specific startup and resource files.

Keep in mind that your pathnames may differ, but the ...

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