Building the CustomImageRenderers

We are going to start with the iOS implementation of the CustomImage. Inside the Renderers folder, add a new folder called CustomImage, add a new file called CustomImageRenderer.cs, and implement the following:

public class CustomImageRenderer : ViewRenderer<CustomImage, UIView> 
        #region Private Propertie 
        private readonly string _tag; 
        private ILogger _log; 
        private UIImageView _imageView; 
        private int _systemVersion = Convert.ToInt16 (UIDevice.CurrentDevice.SystemVersion.Split ('.') [0]); 
        #region Constructors 
        public CustomImageRenderer() 
            _log = IoC.Resolve<ILogger>(); 
            _tag = string.Format("{0} ", GetType()); 

Looking at our private properties, we have the logging objects again, an integer ...

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