Chapter 11: Animations and Transformations
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Rect3D value may be specified using abbreviated markup syntax or explicitly
declared as a
Rect3D element.
KeySpline (required) (SplineRect3DKeyFrame only)
KeySpline describes how the key frame will be altered during animation.
KeyTime (required)
This attribute specifies when, relative to the animation, this key frame takes place:
A time period specified in hours:minutes:seconds.
Uniform: The Duration will be split evenly among all key frames.
Paced: The Duration will be split among key frames in a way that ensures the
speed of the animation remains relatively constant.
A percentage of the total duration.
Value (required)
Rect3D describes the destination value of the key frame.
Hierarchy: DependencyObject Freezable
RectPointFrame is the base class for three types of Rect key frames: discrete, linear, and
spline. Each of the three subclasses of
RectKeyFrame represents a key frame with a
distinct interpolation technique, indicated by its name:
Value="1,1 10 10" />
Value="1,1 10 10" />
Value="1,1 10 10" >
<KeySpline ControlPoint1="5,5" ControlPoint2="10,10" />
All three RectKeyFrame subclasses determine when (KeyTime) the frame will reach the
designated value (
Value). KeyTime is specified in terms of hours:minutes:seconds. The
Value attribute of all RectKeyFrame subclasses is a Rect.

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