Chapter 9: Shapes and Geometry
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Point3="140,10" />
<BezierSegment .../> describes a Bezier curve between two points. Like ArcSegment,
BezierSegment must be the child of a PathFigure. Point1 affects the beginning segment
of the curve, while
Point2 affects the ending segment of the curve. Control points act
like magnets, pulling the curve toward them. Figure 9-3 shows the
described above.
Point1 (required)
Describes the first control point on the curve
Point2 (required)
Describes the second control point on the curve
Point3 (required)
Describes the end point of the curve
Hierarchy: Freezable Animatable PathSegment
Type: Geometry
<CloseSegment />
<CloseSegment .../> represents the final line of a PathFigure, which joins the figure’s
Point to its first Point.
Hierarchy: Freezable Animatable Geometry
Type: Geometry
CombineMode="Union|Xor|Exclude|Intersect" />
Figure 9-3. BezierSegment

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