Appendix A: Setting Up Android SDK and ADB Tools

In this appendix:

• Installing the Java Development Kit

• Installing the Android SDK

• Installing the platform tools

• Setting up environment variables for Windows computers

This appendix helps you to set up the Android developer tools you use to root and hack your phone.

Installing the Java Development Kit

The first step to getting access to the Android developer tools is to download the Java Development Kit (JDK). Although you do not use the tools provided by the JDK, it must be installed for you to be able to install the Android SDK.

1. Navigate your browser to (see Figure A-1). Any current version will work with Android SDK.


Figure A-1: Downloading the JDK

2. Click the Java Platform (JDK) button.

3. Click to accept the licensing agreements and then select the correct installer for your computer. Most Windows users will click on Windows x86. If you have 64-bit Windows, click the x64 link.

4. Download the installer to a location you can easily find on your computer.

5. Run the installer executable.

6. Click through the JDK installation wizard accepting all the defaults.

Installing the Android SDK

Now you can download and run the installer for the Android SDK.

1. Navigate your browser to

2. Download the appropriate package for your operating ...

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