Chapter 12

Monitoring Your Business


check Using Xero to refine strategic business goals and KPIs

check Reviewing management reports to assist with decision-making

check Tracking transactions in specific areas of your business

check Taking advantage of Xero’s Budget Manager to adjust budgets and forecasts

In the mid-1990s, my husband and I ventured on a road trip from Toronto, Ontario, to Boston, Massachusetts. With a car, a credit card, a rough idea of how we would get there and a two-week time frame, we set off on our journey. The trip was pretty uneventful for the first few hours (you have to either travel on the main road or go swimming in the freezing cold Lake Ontario!). After crossing the border into the United States, we had time to explore and to deviate from our route when the fancy took us; so, we changed course and spent a few days in Montpelier, Vermont (foodies’ heaven!). Getting back on track, we made it to the beautiful city of Boston (and, disappointingly, found the worst bed and breakfast I have ever stayed in).

A business can be like a road trip — you may start with a particular ...

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