Chapter 18

Ten Common Mistakes Made in Xero and How to Avoid Them


check Utilising expert help

check Getting your head around differences in terms

check Knowing how bank reconciliation autosuggestions work

check Keeping track of how users access your Xero file and when to delete a user account

check Storing emails and owning data

check Understanding the differences between Xero and your old system

In this chapter, I highlight mistakes, myths and misconceptions about working with Xero. And I explain how you can identify and avoid them — ensuring you’re working efficiently and effectively.

Not Making Use of Expert Help

The philosophy behind using Xero is, because it’s in the cloud, you can invite experts to work on your data and provide ongoing advice during the year about your financial position. No longer do you need to wait till the end of the year to speak to your accountant!

So make sure you take ...

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